Chiang Mai Friends 3rd Eco Fashion Show

Loving the World

 that we Live iN

Using fashion as a bridge and tool to promote environmentalism and remind people on the importance of caring for our environment while look stylish

Fashion show
Four themes express the beautiful evolution and fragile coexistence of nature and mankind from the creation to the destruction and the resurrection.

Inspired by the beauty of the world around us: a world that was created for us to love and appreciate. The wonders of this earth are captured in these four designs.

Our world is suffering. We want too much, desire too much, consume too much, and destroy too much. Four designs represent the destruction of our environment and should serve as a wake-up call.

Environmentalism is the new hip. With these three dresses I hope to show everyone that chic and refreshing designs can also be created from recycle materials. Our own imagination is the limit.

Back to Basics – the Four Elements
Going back to the basics of this world, the elements that brings life to all our senses – earth, water, fire and wind. Let these four dresses remind us of the basics in life, the element that makes us human.